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          Tirthankar Mahaveer was the 24th and the last Tirthankar.
          Every Tirthankar is considered as the God. Those who reach the attainment of perfaction and show others the path of emancipation, are called the Tirthankars.
          Mahaveer was born at Kundagram. His parents were the Linchchavi King Siddhartha of Vaishali and his Queen Trishala. Even before his birth, there were many auspicious indications, heralding the birth of a great soul. He was named Vardhaman. He had a healthy, handsome and a glowing personality. As a young boy, he was very thoughtful as well as fearless. He was courageous and had a great presence of mind. There are many stories of young Mahaveer’s bravery.
           As he grew up, Mahaveer turned very thoughtful and contemplative. When he was 30 years old, he left his home and went away in search of his self. He stayed in forests and caves. Wherever he lived, he spread an atmosphere of peace. He spent 12 years in such ‘Tapasya’. Then he attained the complete state of detachment. Thus he became Bhagawan Mahaveer.
            Whenever he gave sermons to spread his message of universal love, all people rich and poor, kings and commons, sat together to listen. There were no discriminations. Initially some learned scholars opposed him, but later, on listening to his teachings, accepted their wrong conceptions and became his disciples. One among them was his chief disciple Indrabhuti Gautam, who came to be known as Gautam Swami. The king of Magadh, Raja Bimbisar, Became Mahaveer’s disciple and was called Maharaj Shrenik.
            Bhagwan Mahaveer’s sermons were called Divya Dhwani. He gave the message of Sarvodaya …….that is, anything that leads to the welfare of all.
            On the Dipawali day, at the age of 72, this last Tirthankar Mahaveer attained Nirvana.
Mahavir Temple at Ghanerao

Mahavir Jain temple at Katala 

Mahavir Jain Temple at Muchhal

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